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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
Oktoberfest starts in late September and ends in October. It starts on Sep 21 this year.

I did my delivery on Sep 26 2011. My production date says 8/18. I assume that was the start date.

Also, I think there is a large chunk of time where the factory is shutdown around that timeframe.

It is possible to get your date set ahead of time. I would call a sales rep and start the process. I think I started mine and put down a deposit in March in order to make sure to get the date I wanted.
That is great info, I thought it was the 16th this year so 21st is a bit later. This is why I am starting now, if I have to put a deposit down in March, then I will do that. Good thing is I have time, 330 has been paid off for some time now I just want to do this right.