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The S65 is Alusil not Aluminum. BIG difference.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'm sure BMW builds what they need to put into production and race cars. They also take orders from other car makes (I.E. Ascari and some other cars were using S62s) as well. Then there is an overrun to produce x amount of excess engines. Then once production ends, its over. I'm willing to guess that BMW is not making any more S65s at this point but they have a bunch on the shelves.

I think our cars will run into an issue in the future...used components will be pretty expensive. If you look at an S62 and what they command...I think the S65 will be similar. Not to mention the S62s are somewhat hard to find. Then we will maybe run the fate of the E30 M3 and its S14. Many just drop in S50s because finding an S14 is so hard AND its expensive.

With the S65 being all aluminum, I do believe overheating will render the block and head scrap metal. That's the problem with the M54...its a common engine but its mildly challenging to find a really good block. Overheating scraps a lot of engines. Which is odd because that was a widely used block from 01 to 06 in the 325/330/X3 2.5/X3 3.0/X5 3.0/525/530/Z4 2.5/Z4 3.0...and I'm sure I am missing a model or two.

So take care of the S65 block and head!