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Originally Posted by Staszek View Post
I know they are cutting off production June/July for the E93's.

What around when the last orders for ED will be taken. And once you order Euro Delivery how long does it take before the car is ready to be picked up at the Welt.

The reason I am asking is because I am trying to go later in the year to hopefully catch some of Oktoberfest if at all possible.

The end of production for e93 (convertible) has been stated on this site (Jason, I think) as being a couple of months after the end of production of the e92. The e92 is scheduled to end production in June of this year which means the e93 would end production in the early fall.

With regard to ED, I would suggest contacting this fellow: David ///M Aviles 202-262-2900
BMW Individual European Delivery Performance Center

He's seems to be a good guy, very knowledgeable about the M3 and, best of all, might provide you a good deal.

Best of luck.