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If it is under warranty, sit down for a good hour, read BMW's policies and you will see you have no choice but to take what they give. This is agreed to by the buyer at time of purchase or warranty transfer. So arguing about this "reman" or "new" issue is pointless. Also the fact that there is a price difference between new and reman is simple logic, not a lesser quality justification. They do not have to supply a new block to start the build.

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If I'm getting my engine replaced, I wouldn't want a used one. The engine in my car being used since it has been driven has zero relevance to the point in question. I know what has been done to my engine, a fact that I would not be privy to if it were being replaced with a reman. Why do you think there is a price difference when you buy a new motor versus a reman motor if you think they are identical?

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