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The reason why M3 > Prius

Driving home on the 10 East the other day I was cruising in moderate traffic (40-50mph) when for no apparent reason traffic comes to a complete stop.

The Prius driver in front of me slams on the brakes, the tires start screeching and the car quite literally slides into the truck in front of it.

All this happens in a matter of seconds but it played out in slow motion in front of me. I hit the brakes as soon as i see the prius brake lights but something wasn't computing in my head.

This prius seems like it's trying desperately to stop so i'm thinking i better slam on my brakes but yet i know at the speed i'm going and the distance i have between me and the prius i don't have to step on the brakes that hard

So I apply moderate force on the brakes and stop well in back of the Prius...but in these situations i'm usually not afraid of hitting the guy in front of me...i'm afraid the guy in back of me won't stop in time and rear end me....i look in my rear view mirror and what car do i see? A DB9! Obviously the guy stops in time.

Lesson of the day: Prevent accidents drive sports/sporty cars.

Ironically I was in almost the exact same situation a few years ago in my 350z. Civic in front of me hits the guy in front of him, i stop in time, i look up at the rear view mirror and see a Scion tc and think CRAP....and bam he rear ends me.