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New Combo Service/Trailer RLL-80-2 Race Ramps available 11-Jan-2013

Reverse Logic is now accepting orders for its new combo service/trailer Race Ramps product. The expected shipping date for the new RLL-80-2 model is mid-January 2013.

The 2-piece RLL-80-2 ramp is 80" long by 14" wide with a 9" high platform. The RLL-80-2 ramp has unique features and does not replace our existing RLL-72-2 and RLL-87-2 ramps.

The key features of the RLL-80-2 ramps are:

1) 2-stage incline with initial slope of 6.8 degrees for lower ground clearance cars.

2) Cradle style platform.

3) Flippable incline section that can be used as a trailer ramp without optional adapters.

4) Priced under $400 including shipping.

An important difference between the RLL-80-2 and the earlier 2-stage incline RLL-72-2 and RLL-87-2 ramps is that the slope transitions from the first stage to the second stage at the seam between the incline section and platform section. This change along with a redesigned interlock allows the incline section to be inverted for use as a trailer ramp.

I included a couple of drawings below. The first one shows the dimensions. The second one shows how the RLL-80-2 service ramps compare in size to the RR-XT-2 and RR-56-2 standard ramps. It also shows how the RR-TR-6 trailer ramp compares to the inverted incline section of the new ramp model.
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