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Originally Posted by adc View Post
So both get to extreme speeds. But only one was carefully engineered to work safely at that speed, with practically an unlimited budget. It has active aero and suspension, tires are a special recipe rated for that speed, as well as the wheels - and Bugatti makes you refresh both periodically. The core of the car - the carbon tub - is bespoke and didn't start life as some Lotus.

I preface my comments with the following disclaimer: I've never been a fan of Hennessey. I remember the days of him screwing over many a Viper owner in his early days as a tuner, and that has never sat well with me, so I'm still a bit prejudiced against him. That being said,

1) Both cars have active aero and suspension and have been engineered to work safely @ speed

2) the Bugatti has a c/f tub, the Lotus has a bonded aluminum tub.

I don't think it's fair to compare this car to a Veyron. This car, to me, slots in w/an SSC or Zonda, as they are all low volume, coach built cars, whereas the Veyron is backed by VW's deep pockets. Is the VenomGT as well-built as the Veryon? Probably not. But I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it, either. For purist, it is a low weight, high HP machine, that has a few creature comforts. As for the comment regarding the tires and wheels, other car in that class of speed (read: SSC), doesn't require a wheel change, and it runs on PS2s, as well.

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