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Do's and Dont's for preserving DCT life

So I wanted to speak more about DCT with non-supercharged cars as that has been addressed but has sparked some interest in terms of behaviors tha may wear our DCT trannies out prematurely, especially for anyone planning on keeping the car out of warranty or long-term.

From what I gather reading there are a few things but I am not sure if they matter if you are not supercharged and on stock power/bolt on power.

1-In D mode, using D to kick down several gears slips the clutch in a way that creates a lot of heat for supercharged cars with power but is this something prematurely wearing out our cars when done often?

2-Punching it from a dead stop without launch control is not good

3-not letting the car/tranny warm up obviously

The one I was curious about is what about simply downshifting and letting the car rev match and downshift to the lower gear before you accelerate again? ie. Driving at 75 on the freeway, click the paddle down to 3rd and have foot off the accelerator during the process to let it totally engage the gear and than plant your foot? I find if you keep the accelerator pressed during a downshift it does not give you that "punch" forward in acceleration. But is it inherently bad or is it better to drop it into gear off the accelerator?