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the wavetrac is a torsen-style atb (automatic torque biasing) unit which biases torque from one side to the other but is not able to lock the axle completely like any clutch-type lsd does.
and a torsen only locks... no, sorry... biases torque on accel and remains completely open on decel. so you have no stable rearend when braking or just lifting the gas.
in case of the wavetrac system you will have some preload compared to conventional torsen designs like quaife, who dont have preload.

so a torsen is a good diff for street driving but doesnt offer the performance of a clutch-type lsd unit. torsens are easier to drive for "normal" drivers as they dont lock/unlock but just smoothly transfer some torque. some supercars with massive torque output (i.e. gumpert apollo) use these units which extends the life of the bodyshell and typical driver of such a car ;-)

as our cars do not tend to be torque monsters and are really easy to handle, there is no need to get a supersmooth diff. and if you want such a smooth unit, it is already installed in stock config. the gkn viscolok is a "good" lsd which is pretty slow. the torsen is also quite "good", quicker than the gkn but with less locking capabilities. so if upgrading a quite well stock unit i would only opt for a really better, higher performing lsd system... and this only is the clutch-type one!

i hope i could explain it in an understandable way...?!

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