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I don't see why anyone would do this for a dealer trip? Talk about a dead give away that you have been tuning your engine-to the point of offering a feature like this means you have been definetly digging around in the ECU and car and would give them reason to really put a magnifying glass on any warranty work.

Not sure how that is worth it to avoid them flogging a car that is meant to be flogged. Like I said above, nobody could thrash my car harder than I do-I thrash the living hell out of it and it runs perfectly. Only guidelines I follow is I always wait until temps are up to the middle of the guage or so before stepping on it. Besides that its a no holds barred thrash fest.

Given bmw limits revs to 5500 when cold, really damage done even if trying to flog it when cold is limited.

I see this being good for valet at dinner or something but that would require a quick flip option.