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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
exactly! I always have preached underdrive pulley's no longer are worth it. The A/C and alternator are already disengaged under large throttle which means the only thing that is underdriven is power-steering and engine cooling. The two things I would never want to have heat up more than normal.
I am pretty sure M3s in the EU and in other locales got this under the "Efficient Dynamics" feature. At the same time I am pretty sure US cars did not get this (perhaps early US M3s did not and later ones did).

Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
The chart above is definitely incorrect in regards to the macht schnell pulleys. I just installed them this past week and the crank pulley is smaller on both the power steering and alternator sides therefore the A/C has to be underdriven. The power steering pump pulley is definitely a different size than OEM so the power steering is being underdriven by a different amount than the A/C, but none the less both are underdriven.
Good catch. Extracting the required information to complete this small project seems to be next to impossible.

W Cole and ANYONE ELSE: Feel free to download, edit, save (automatically saved) and post a screen snapshot of the update.