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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
Again not sure why people choose a 4100 pound convertible than complain about not breaking the tires loose! Even in my coupe, with fresh rubber PSS and full bolt on's, its not "easy" to break loose when the weather is warm and tires ar warmed up. As tread goes away and temps drop, it is really easy and chirp easily in 2nd.

I'm the OP and I think you're missing the point. We're complaining because we've owned the last gen M3 Convertible (I actually owned 3 over 10 years) - the exact same model - and clearly this model has a lot of flaws compared to the previous generation. When you come from the previous model and this one just isn't as good then you're obviously going to be disappointed.

I think you have to understand that we're realistic (at least I am realistic) about the limitations of a 4100 pound convertible. But our expectations for this model were set by the old one and this one just isn't nearly as good in many ways, which is very disappointing.

Here's to hoping that the weight reduction measures they are taking with the M4 will translate well into the M4 Convertible!