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Thanks for the comments!

Bought a 2012 GTI as my daily driver, but it just didn't do it for me. It felt quick and all, but something was missing. This M3 fits the bill pretty nicely.

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they are both looking wonderfully good. I like it a lot. What finish are those wheels?
The Arkym J12s are Brushed Tinted Clear and the P40s are just the regular Gunmetal

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Sweet. Must be a hard argument to see who's driving.

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Who modded her car? Her or you?

Nice rides.
Both of us, she's had her car for much longer than I had mine. So at one point, I had no e92 M3 to mod.

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His and Hers, Awesome!

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yours and your gf's...i'm still trying to get my head around need for engagement ring, just get her a supercharger =) Make sure you get the 650kit...cuz if you got her the 550 and another girl has the 650...u don't want to deal with that headache
Not sure if that will fly, but I like the idea.

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a girl with an m3? great find!

both cars look great

you should get a shoot with your porsche soon!
Will do, recently installed a set of HRE's on that too.

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Nice rides! What trunk is on the SG?