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Originally Posted by Gom3rPile View Post
I dont feel bad for the old people. They are some of the wealthiest families in London and complain about the wealthiest families from the Gulf. Everyone but them enjoys the economic boost.

There was a comment made they never spoke to the drivers. I guarantee you in a weird way they look forward to this every year so they can all get together and complain about something.

Also there were so many racist undertones it was almost sick to watch at some points. And when the old guy got hit with the umbrella he didnt have to be a dick, his reaction to that was enough for me to smile knowing he cant sleep at night because the roar of a V10 is shaking his precious china.

Just my 2 Cents!
very well said.

i think its old money being very jealous about new money. if they have such a big problem with this issue, they can always move to the country side and live on a ranch. you cant expect to live downtown in a busy shopping district and demand absolute silence all the time.

i live downtown in montreal and it gets noisy as hell here sometimes but thats the price you pay for living downtown. i am not going to complain about it.

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