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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Sterling did my battery for $375 + tax. Not bad considering I got quotes as high has $700 from other dealerships.
i just called my favorite dealer and battery cost $135 + tax.. plus coding at EAS cost $90 bucks..

im looking for someone that can code cheaper... i know it takes less than 30 minutes to register... I know some guy that can code anything i want on the car for 50 bucks and thats any code i want on the car... just forgot his SN...

i called several dealers including my favorite dealer and 3 others said coding will cost.. $500-700 and i gave them a little insight on how coding works and made it seem like i dont know what i was talking about..

ME: Hi i would like to get a quote on getting my battery register.
DEALER: ok let me check.. Retrofit, coding and register will cost you $825
ME: Retrofit? Coding? All i need is to register, also what retrofit are you talking about its a battery replacement.
DEALER: We have to make install and make it fit and it will take time to code..
ME: (at this point im already cracking up) Retrofit? how would you retrofit a battery that is a rectangular shape and the new one is exact same size. I can install that without any issue. all i need is to register..
DEALER: (he mumbles and stumbles on words) oh oh I mis-understood you.. oh ok you just need to register.. let me see... it will cost $230
ME: to register a battery can take 30-45 minutes and will cost $230?
ME: how much do you charge per hour on Labor?
ME: ok doesnt that answer just how much you should charged me?
DEALER: no no its different..

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