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My E93 Performance is not impressive.....?

Sorry to resurrecting this thread , but I am very dissappointed in my MY'13 E93 M3 performance. I can't even break the rear wheels loose in S5, +sport, and traction control off. The DCT in 2nd Gear also has way too much hesitation......yea, I read the post on this issue and yes I have the latest firmware......

I came from an E46 M3 Convertible, SMG that could smoke rubber all day long.

I've had the engine over 5500 RPM and honestly in the M3, it's hard to tell a "huge" difference over my X5's 4.4l.

- I can't stand how long it takes for the DCT to engage from a dead stop (regardless of setting) - it definitely feels like there is too much slipping when engaging 1st. . . and wouldn't you know that the dealer says this is "normal" - .