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Originally Posted by skim

i got a 95 993 about half a year ago. i can't drive that thing enough.
may not sound like a lot of power, but that thing is light and small, it surely feels fast. i'm on PSS10.
anyway, enjoy all sweet rides in good health!
Thanks guys (I have PSS9) on mine. I'm absolutely smitten by the M3. It is just astonishing how much stronger this car is in every conceivable way above our 09 335i. The Sport Package on that car seems comical to me now. And to think I almost just leased a new 335...what was I thinking. Meanwhile. I'm already thinking about an exhaust for the M...and as a long time Porsche owner and more than familiar with the slippery slope of modding but BMW is on crack with their $4K M Performance Mufflers WTF!?!