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Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
Navigon is $59.99 in the AppStore, Who would pay for that when we do have AppleMaps and GoogleMaps heck, even MapQuest for iOS does VoiveNav. And to get techy but Navigon is heavy and slow app. I know from experience.

I can't justify the $59.99 to use any sort of MAPS while off trail or where I wouldn't have data.. And who cares about pulling data from your plan? Don't you have Unlimited Data?

You CAN... you just need to

Considering that Garmin/Navigon has sold thousands of versions, I think there's a heck of a lot of people that like it. For starters, Navigon does not require a data plan and does not require streaming of live data (it can be done if a person wants traffic updates, local weather, and other info.) I don't even use the voice part, so that's not a factor anyhow with Apple or Google. I don't find Navigon heavy or slow on an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, and feel it is superior to Apple and Google maps in almost every manner.

Thanks for the search tip. I should clarify: I don't want video from an iPhone to iDrive; I want the exact view of Navigon to be displayed on the iDrive control screen. I've seen and researched a few "hacks" but I don't want to do that.

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