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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Now you say "NASCAR and NHRA have max engine sizes, and I'm sure they target high power bands vs. low end torque".

Well duh. Max power per unit of displacement is only reachable at higher rpm, whether force fed or NA. Torque monsters are valueless in a race environment, as long as speeds are high. Horsepower is the only arbiter when speed is part of the equation, so high specific output is mandatory. It's that simple.
While this is generally true, it isn't 100% true. When you deal with restrictors, there is only so much air you can get to the engine, at which point you start looking at the torque curve and power delivery as opposed to all out power. The track layout also matters, as well, depending on the amount and radius of the turns.

You other arguments are spot on