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Originally Posted by mlhj83 View Post
I'm aware that there are 2 clutch packs for even and odds gears, however, I still don't understand how using LC is kinder than just flooring the throttle in 1st gear from idle rpm. Surely the sudden shock of increased torque with LC is more detrimental than flooring the throttle from idle rpm? Please explain.
Not necessarily , it's the opposite . Launch control controls the launch .
When stationed with launch control activated and you release the lever/shifter the clutch bites with maximum force while it controls/limits initial power at the point of engagement then half way through first it releases full power in return sling shoots you out the hole whereas punching it in first shocks the clutch at the point where it's programmed to semi slip into first giving you a smooth clutch engagement that's designed for normal take off , that's why you don't hammer it off the line , but ....... You can feather it but at that point adrenaline takes over .
I hope this clears things up .