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Originally Posted by Nyobie View Post
We have 3 Passport 9500ix devices and they've paid for themselves many times over. I won't live without one in my car - even my SUV!

There are more than one model 9500 as you can get a red display or a blue display and now there's one available with a hardware interface that allows you to report the dynamic location of a police officer and warn others using an app on their phones so you can get advanced warning before your detector detects a signal (of course, that feature is only as good as the amount of users out there using the same system).

I bought one of the 3 as an 'open box' item and I've had it now for a couple years without a single problem. It's one you can 'set and forget' versus the V1 which I understand has a lot of user settings you can tinker with if you're a constant tinkerer and don't mind meddling with it. At least it was that way when I was trying to decide which one to get a few years ago.

I've made the purchase and never looked back and have recommended the same device to many friends and family members.

Good luck and be safe!
Ditto. You can't go wrong with either.