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Originally Posted by mlhj83 View Post
100+ LCs! Winner! Good to know!

Please explain what glaze spot on gear is - is this a shiny area on the gear teeth from sudden impact between the teeth of adjacent gears?
I don't know what it looks like as everything is concealed , the slippage is at the point of engagement/clamping force of the clutch/disks & This is only on the odd gears ! Keep in mind theirs two clutches one for odd gears and one for even , the even ones don't see that much abuse compared to the odd gears.
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Great info m33! Thanks for sharing!

Do you have any thoughts on upgraded clutches to increase longevity even more?
Honestly from what I grasped to get this addressed properly you would need to address the software portion of the DCT not only the clutches , there is a learning/calibration procedure once the clutch pack is installed that it goes through and if the clutches ( upgraded clutches ) grip/bite to hard the calibration can fail and your assed out .
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Thanks for this M33. I I have a set of SSP 600 discs ready to go. I will treat those nicer when I get around to installing them.
I would be curious to see if it works, good luck