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Tune skeptic proved wrong (ESS)

Ok So I am often a tune skeptic in terms of real-world performance. However I did see a few videos this past week of a tuned w/ cattless/HFC and drop-ins, really pulling several cars ahead in straight line races with stock M3's. Who knows the conditions but that was enough for me to give it a whirl. The 1k was a drop in the bucket to put my own mind at rest that there was actually something there to be had.

So pure performance numbers I still think really lack on these forums. With the number of tunes and such I really wish more objective date would be put up aside from dyno's so I cannot unfortunately contribute to this objective data.

So loaded ESS, 94 octane, HFC/xpipe and green filter. Really loved my car before and had no complaints in anything so really wasn't looking for anything particular but within 10 mins of driving the car, Ill be damned that I undoubtedly felt a really noticable difference in power up to redline. I didn't want to admit it so but over the past few days I can confirm the tune is absolutely noticable.

I may have been jaded by past 3 litre (non turbo) bmw's I would get a tune for and feel nothing. Not the case here probably because we have more engine to work with.

I DEFINETLY do not think a tune turns the car into "a totally different animal" that some say. That is just hogwash honestly. It does turn it into a little bit more aggressive beast in all the good ways and I finally understood what people mean when it should have come from the factory this way.

So while its not mind blowing, its enjoyable and noticable enough to really enjoy the heck out of it and I would definetly do it over again. I would have done evolve, ESS or benvo-I don't think you can go wrong with those three from my research.