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Hi Mike, I did quite a bit of digging on this, it appears that using solid differential bolts (like GTS) would be a good preventative measure...they're available at some vendors (eg Turner Motorsports or maybe even the BMW dealers that sell Motorsport parts). What I was not able to conslusively ascertain was how it would affect NVH. If you find out about anyone who has done this and how it affected NVH, let me know, as once get out of warranty period, I would consider getting these installed.

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I wonder if there is preventative maintenance for this diff bolt issue. I'm going to get 295/30/19's because I think it will reduce wheel hop that I get with my 265/35/19's on an 11" wheel. I'm terrified of this happening to me. 47K on the clock now and so far so good (even with 500+ times to 8,800 RPM)...

But then again I rarely launch the car.. Reminds me of the E46 subframe issues.. ridiculous to have fear to drive the car the way it's meant to be driven! I just love this car more than any other car I've had in my life and don't want to hurt it..