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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
Yes - countless times.

And as for those of you that are saying why not talk to these people first, well, I worked with someone that had a near miss with one of these idiots, and when confronted, they just laughed at him and drove off.

A lot of these guys believe they can do just what they want.... and sadly, the lack of any desire by the authorities to prove them wrong only compounds the problem.

It's the double standards employed as well, as I can guarantee that if I drove into Knightsbirdge on a summer eve in my 135 and drove like these guys do, I would be prosecuted by the Police within a very short space of time.
Yup, not just in London.. their other favorite destination is Beirut (it is closer).
They march in there thinking they are the best thing to happen to the world since indoor plumbing. They sincerely lack common courtesies sometimes. When their season is in full swing, certain areas become a no-go zone just to avoid them.

As for the Ramadan period, they basically have to fast so long as the sun is up. But what these guys do is they sleep ALL day and wake up 10mins before they can eat, pig out like it was Thanksgiving on steroids every day until Ramadan is over. Beirut caters to it by having some Lebanese restaurants open 24hours during that period. They miss the whole point.

But on the other side, I feel for them with the cops harassing them and people spitting on their cars or what not. Not cool.