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First Euro, first BMW, first M

Had an opportunity to pick up an 08 just short of 5 months ago and have never looked back...

What more can one ask for in a DD? The breathing V8.. the handling... the balance... the driver connection... the smile she puts on my face every morning when I fire her up.. a grocery getter... seats 4 comfortably... a beast when you unleash it and yet tame enough to occasionally pick up my customers in and lastly.. NO complaints from the fam nor the lady

All credits of these beautiful photos to the superbly talented and our very own local member IcyJ

Ive done a few mods here and there thus far... Future mods are in the works but will come slowly and steadily... I want the opportunity to enjoy every ounce of my experience with this ultimate driving machine.

I like to keep things subtle and clean.. I hope you guys will enjoy the photos as much as I do

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