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Some personal observations on this.

New money messing with old money, you see it everywhere. Old money does not like how the new money expresses itself in public and you do not get as old as London money that is for sure.

The Arabs/Muslin are the biggest hypocrite as you can get. Let see their religions and beliefs say they are not allow to do any of what you see in video, but it is okay as long as they do not do it in their own country and since they have money it is okay.

Think about what will happen when their oil runs out, and it will, their whole economy is based on oil. The other problem they have is they are investing in the US and other Euro countries. So they are dependent on what happens in our countries. They will learn what other countries like Japan learned when you overly invest in the US. When our economy tanks they will tank even harder. American do not have any problem selling over inflated property to people from other countries and when things go bad, buy it back at pennies on the $.