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DIY: How to propertly store you car

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been doing a lot of research on what to do to store your car away for the winter. There are probably other posts out there but decided to make my own post on how to store your car property so here goes:

Things you will need:

Sta-bil (To keep the fuel fresh) *Note: One year
Car cover (Get a good quality car cover)
Full tank of gas
Battery Tender Plus
Some plywood pieces

Let’s get one thing straight before hand.. Battery trickle charger VS. Battery tender charger. Essentially, you are better off with a battery tender because there is a self-monitoring system that knows when the battery needs to be charged. It shuts off automatically when the battery has been charged fully. The battery trickle charger will most likely fry the battery if you leave it connected for a long time (months) without any supervision.

So I included some pictures of everything. To start off, make sure your car is clean inside and out. A good layer of wax will do wonders. Clean and treat the leather.

Before filling up tank, start by putting in some Sta-bil. Then fill up your tank (helps to mix everything up).

Cut a few pieces of plywood. Drive up to the plywood. Make sure you get all 4 under the tires to prevent the tires from touching the cold concrete surface. Inflate your tires to 45-50’ PSI.

Next, put something under the wipers to prevent the rubber from sticking to the windshield.

Next, connect the battery tender charger to the car. Note* MAKE sure the positive clip of charger does not make any contact with the hood of the car.

Next, cover that beauty up with some nice, soft and breathable car cover.

Note* If you have a car cover that does not cover the exhaust ends up, get a piece of cloth and put them inside the exhaust to prevent insects and other animals from making nest inside.

Next, take a few pictures

Enjoy guys! If I missed anything or have any suggestions, please feel free to add a comment below.

Optional: Some people like to take the wheels off and leave the car in jacks. This is up to you.

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