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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
Hey, I can sympathize. While my experience with my M3 purchase (locally) was exemplary, we are currently trying to buy another vehicle from another brand (3rd vehicle).

The experience felt like "old tactics" vs. "new reality". The new reality at least of how to deal with informed consumers - and serious customers - who have done their homework.

My BMW dealership is current with the new reality, and sealed our M3 deal over email quickly.

This other brand's dealership, following email discussions that have not succeeded, wants us to come in......... So we can do what? Sit and wait outside the "manager's office" while they try to move numbers around to try to get the original number they were seeking? Or worse, try to wear us down with arguments and get us to feel like we wasted our time if we came in and went away with nothing? That's old school.

It's because of the dealerships who have offered such great deals that other (not so great) dealerships offer to go lower.

I like giving local CA's/dealership a chance too. But when they don't take it, then I like to reward those dealerships who made it possible in the first place for us to have a Plan B that we can go to. A Plan B that is often fiscally advantageous to our Plan A anyways.
Well stated. By pasting the specific build from the BMWconfig website, I am giving the CA one final opportunity to provide an actual number. Otherwise it will be onto plan B.