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BPM Peformance, Feature and Euro DCT MDM Tune

Finally got a chance to complete all my tunes from Mike. He is an incredible guy and can tailor to any requested tune with ease.

My car is now PERFECT and COMPLETE. The rest of my mods will solely be cosmetic in the future.

My impression for the tunes:

Feature Coding
I opt to customize my feature list based on BPM's list with a few tweaks. At first I had the Euro double-blink hazard light, but after a while I could not quite get used to it. So I asked Mike to revert back and a few other setting, and he did exactly with ease. His customer service is probably one of the best I've ever seen. Also, I only contacted him with like a two days notice since I'm local to him, and his response is faster than a tuned M3.

Performance Tuning
Since this is my daily drive, I chose to keep the tune to be a more fun daily car. When I brought my car to Mike, he confirmed that my engine software was 231E which is pretty close to the 240E tuned he reprogrammed for me.
Before the tune, my car had a rougher idle during startup, the RPM goes all over the place between 600-1100. Even though I did not remove the cold start CAT heat cycle, the cold start is so much smoother and steady at starting RPM. Cold still starts around 1100 RPM but doesn't bounce like crazy between 600-1100 anymore. Just a steady reduction from 1100 RPM to the idle 750 RPM over about 15-30 seconds depending on the air temperature. What I notice is that even without disabling CAT heat cycle, the RPM drops to normal quicker than before. Used to take around 30 seconds, now only about 15 seconds.

As far as the drive goes, the entire range of RPM is smoother and definitely noticeable. The stock 231E software was still quite rough like a truck for lower RPM for unknown reason. After the tune, the power deliver is as smooth as what a BMW should have been. Even my wife can notice the smoothness since she drives a Lexus and somewhat dislike my car's original rough power delivery at city driving speeds.

When the car pulls from low RPM all the way high, the smoothness stays the same. I would probably have compared this tune to a re-balanced engine shaft. All the minor roughness are gone. Now the engine sings like a orchestra. I can also feel more power on top end because it now pulls harder over 6000 RPM.

Euro MDM Flashing
Frankly speaking, I didn't try to initiate US MDM software because I was running older Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 that I intended to replace with Michelin Pilot Super Sport. I was conserving the old tires so I can sell them in good shape. I got the tune and then replaced the tires. Mike went on a quick drive with me and asked me to try the Euro MDM mode and it still feels very safe. What I heard from other threads are US MDM is pretty intrusive, but I didn't get any of the Euro MDM cutting my power at all when I did a quick U-turn and flooring it. Maybe better tires helps in my case, too?

Euro DCT Flashing
This is by far the single GREATEST tune I ever had in my life. Period. The main difference between Euro and US DCT is that, the Euro starts in D2 and remembers the S mode, while the US DCT starts with S3 and only remembers the D mode. This is quite annoying for me because I would always prefer the car to start in full automatic D mode especially when I need my wife to drive the car. Imaging wife, girlfriend, or friend needs to drive the car and doesn't know the car starts in manual S mode, when the engine is still cold, the driver just drives it and RPM keeps going up without shifting, which is bad for the engine. For me, the logic of starting in S instead of D is flawed in the sense that, anytime the driver pulls the paddle DCT becomes S anyway. Furthermore, since US DCT does not remember S mode, it gets really annoying everytime I need to increase the DCT mode button when I'm in S mode.

Additionally, the Euro DCT surprises me that when the car is cold and drive off, the software actually shift normally and smoothly just like when the DCT has been warmed up. Before with the stock US DCT software, the DCT in D2 mode only shifts after 3000 RPM when it is cold and will only get back to normal after driving for a block or two. The Euro DCT completely fixes that. Now I can simply start the car cold and drive off immediately and it drives exactly as when the car has been warmed up. No rough shifting and high RPM shifting. The downshift is also a lot smoother when cold, as with the US DCT software, when not fully warmed up the car would brake-jerk (like suddenly stomping on the brake) coming to a stop sign when auto-downshifting from 3rd or 4th gear to 2nd or 1st gear.

Finally, after the tune my car is both fun to drive like a beast, and smooth to drive like a civilized daily-driver. My car is now COMPLETE.

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