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not a day goes by that i don't miss my M... i've had the luxury of driving cars most kids have posters of on their walls, or i've destroyed those same cars with my motorcycles, but there was just something about my M that always put a smile on my face...

currently, in the garage there is a '13 535 MSport and a '13 335 MSport (6MT) and neither of them give me the feeling i used to have with my M... just about the only thing i prefer more is i am not going to the gas station every 48 hours now, in fact, i made it from LA to SF in the 535 on about 3/4's tank of gas, and i tend to drive like a ride a motorcycle...

as for the GTR, i've logged now at least 2500 - 3000 miles on a black edition... this car is WICKED fast, grips like the tires are coated in gorilla glue to the pavement, you just cannot make a mistake in this car... what i mean is, the car just won't let you make a mistake... literally... well, except this one time...

anyways, back to the subject at hand... IN A STRAIGHT LINE this car is so much fun, it's insanity... closest feeling you will get to what its like full throttle on a motorcycle... however, the rest of the driving is SO detached from the driver, it just seems sureal at times... it's difficult to pinpoint without you having the opportunity to log some serious miles in the car... when you compare it to one of his other cars, namely the CL65, that thing has this ridiculous amount of torque, but when you actually DRIVE it, you get that sensation of "the car is trying to murder me" anytime you give it gas in a turn or a curve... you miss that sensation in the GTR...