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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
it's weird to me that only a very few think that i should be (potentially) upset by discovering this detail. 1 previous owner or 2? That's a big deal - right?
No it's not. How long have you had the car? Has it run really well and been trouble free and reliable? If so, why get all upset?

What would be a big deal is stuff like if she said it was accident free and had actually been in an accident, or if she said it was in perfect condition but had been lemon-law returned or something like that.

The number of owners is completely irrelevant if the car was well maintained, and runs well, and is reliable. I bought a 300ZX TT with 2 prior owners and about 24K miles. I drove that car to about 100K miles and it was the best, most reliable car I've ever purchased. Number of previous owners means absolutely nothing. Get over it.

Frankly, I'd be more pissed off about the dealer not willing to update your ECU than the prior seller not disclosing it had 2 previous owners.