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Like mine... bought it the day after I got my allocation =)

Originally Posted by ExclusivSTS View Post
Looking to get some feedback on M Performance vs Oem Exhaust mod.

Many are saying waste of $$$ to buy M performance, however I've heard great things about it. Great sound, no drone, BMW quality, etc...

Not to downplay Oem Exhaust mod, I just have a problem with cutting open and modding a factory M3 exhaust. Can't help but feel ghetto doing that...

Input much appreciated
I'm OCD about my exhausts, spent a year fiddling with my '11 S4 and just gave up after the 3rd setup, couple other cars before that.

The M Performance is comparable to the lesser(cost) exhaust setups if you're going to flip exhausts due to sound, restlessness, being unhappy, droning, etc... got it on sale for $3100 shipped and thought that was fair. Hard part was waiting the 4mos for the car to arrive. Mine doesn't drone, or I'm never in the drone rpm(6sp here) so I never notice it. Very happy with it overall fwiw and I'm not looking to mod/fidgit/change anything with it which is an accomplishment for me.

Happy shopping.
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