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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
Purchased my '08 M3 (with 7,000 mi) privately in 2010 - both the ad and the seller warranted that there had only ever been 1 owner.

Discovered yesterday (while getting the ECU ver. no. from BMW) that the car has a CPO warranty. Huh?

Pretty angry about this misrepresentation from the seller - she was in the fact the 2nd owner, and not the first - though the car was (and still is) in perfect condition.

Weighing the pros and cons of confronting the seller. How would you guys react to something like this?

Would a confrontation be an overreaction? Seems like a pretty dirty trick to pull.

Edit: had full BMW inspection / car fax / etc. before purchasing - not sure how this detail didn't arise.
What probably happened is the person you bought it from was the original owner except it was leased. When the lease was up they bought the car with a CPO. This appears as 2 owners even though there is really only one.
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