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Meet the press 8/26

Man, did anybody watch the show today? Looks like although the surge is working to reduce violence, the Maliki government is on vacation and not doing anything to reconciliate with Sunnis and Kurds. So when the US troop surge will end in April 08, all the progress made during the surge will be lost. AlQaeda will be allowed to come back and the civil war will rage on.

Richard Engel thinks the Maliki government, which has no real authority outside of Baghdad will fall. Democracy as envisioned by bush, will be replaced with a Shiite strongman, pro hezbollah, pro Iran, anti USA.

The experts believe US troops will remain in Iraq for the next 10 years to prevent genocide, AlQaeda operations, and a large regional war. But troops wont be able to stop the Iraqi civil war which is inevitable.

Talk about depressing outcomes for the war!!! Was taking out Saddam really worth it? What's the point of spending all this money and lives lost if instead of a Sunni dictator Iraqis are gonna have a Shiite one?