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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se
Originally Posted by 1cleanm3 View Post
Knew u were a lawyer before I even read it.

i'm not selling the car - so ultimately who cares - and i'm going to assume that it was a mistake (my intuition tells me that it was something different, but i'm letting it go)

still, if she purposefully mislead me as to 1st v. 2nd owner - well, fuck her. that's a pretty big thing to lie about, and it relates directly to the value of the car. material misrepresentation / fraud in the inducement / breach of contract yadda yadda yadda

so as to what i'd do about it? call her and say: "hey, you're a liar, go fuck yourself. good bye." end of convo.
I'd say the value of the CPO warranty would add more to the value should you ever sell it than the number of owners would detract from value.