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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post

Is totally unfair and uncalled for ... Police Officers have a tough job and put there life on the line many a times to uphold the laws of the land, for you to make such comparisons is just not right, in my humble opinion.

Just saying.
Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
Tough job? This isn't mexico or afghanistan. What's so difficult about being a cop in canada? Risking their life? get real. You can count on one hand the number of cops killed in canada by criminals in the last decade. far more construction workers, electricians, miners, roofers, etc die every year on the job than cops. And yes, they definitely act like a gang. In fact I'd be surprised if more than 1% of cops would actually ticket/arrest a colleague if they see him doing something wrong.
i sit in the middle here.

easy to hate when you dont need the police, but on the other hand i would bet that statistically speaking being a police officer in Canada is a pretty safe job relative to other countries and jobs.

imho police should be held to an even higher standard of integrity, transparency and trust as regular citizens ESPECIALLY when dealing with one another.

situations like this are damaging to the whole force and the public's confidence, not just the individuals and the officers should be made an example of within reason.