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Originally Posted by W Cole
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Well, I finally got these installed a couple days ago. It's a bit louder on a cold start, definitely louder when you give it some gas and the smell is not unbearable. Unfortunately, I can't say I notice THAT much of an increase in power. I do notice that I get the revs up higher much quicker than before, but I can't say the butt dyno notices THAT much of an increase in speed for those revs. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm just nuts or just expected to get a huge difference in raw power. Either way, I'm enjoying the new mod and will be adding the green filter, pullies and possibly a tune.
Revs up quicker in neutral or while accelerating in gear?
While accelerating in first gear. I need to stop listening to sound and watch the dummy console and pay attention to revs/speed vs gear.