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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
Anyone can whack the throttle and go straight on a bike as easy as on a car. Lots of "spare parts" from these guys down here in South Florida
Nah man, try it on an R1 hell even a ZX-14 will go vertical on you quick if you are not smart.
I know I've ridden many great bikes.
Hell you want to die quick? Go pick a Vmax....
3-2-1 light speed!
and well if going vertical won't throw you off...then there is the going down part! Nothing more fun than seeing a squid come down fast and hard seeing sparks fly tank slapper tank slapper tank slapper splat!

These cars all have stability control and TC and so you can be a total squid and a major ass no problem and keep yourself in the gene pool for a very long time.

Look there is a time and a place for everything. It's about respect and care for others. There are race tracks go there. Respect people.

When I moved in I spoke to all my neighbors about my bike. First I said "I'm sorry if my bike bothers you at 7am when i'm going to work." and you know what..not a single person was angry at me. I push the bike out away from the garage and into a parking spot away from the building when i turn it on. I keep it relaxed until i am out of the complex. Why do i do this?
Simple, I respect people and they respect me. It's called being human.

The same for the car, i let it idle in the garage. I've asked my neighbor if doing so bothers her. She said no because she goes to work early. OK Cool! But i still pull the car out just to be nice.

Respect and love each other and the world will love and respect you.

Except for the fat chicks....they should be shot for sport!