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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo
Originally Posted by VCMpower View Post
8700 RPM! Mmmmmmmm
I have my redline set at 8,800 even though I only really go to 8,600 before the shift. The car has seen this RPM a handful of times. Runs stronger than ever

A car I tuned that came to me a few weeks ago (which had stock software w/8,400 limit +/- 100) recorded the highest REV I've EVER seen in an M3, 9,114 RPM! I've read the freezeframe data from hundreds of M3's, and never saw anything like that. This is a testament to how well built these motors are considering it's still running fine 20000 miles later.

Mike, when I took mine in to the dealer for a misfire, a PUMA case was opened cause they could not figure out what was causing this. Turns out the computer recorded an over rev of 12k rpm (from previous owner) and a broken valve spring was causing the misfire. Even BMW was skeptic about the over rev, but car (knock on wood) still runs fine.
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