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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
I remind you that you are the only one talking about "torque monsters" here. Sheer power is what rules, whether it's developed at 8300 rpm or 4150.
No need to get defensive, I guess we are just looking at if from different perspectives. The idea that identical power developed at 8300 or 4150 is identical is absurd based on pure physics as it would be necessary to have one engine double the torque of the other. If that is possible without forced induction or without increasing weight via significantly larger engine size, I've never seen it in practice or in theory. (assuming similar costs/technology are at play) If high specific output doesn't matter, only power, then why do the most elite sports car companies make street cars with high specific output motors? Why not just make the biggest motor and save a ton of money in development costs. Again, consider the power Ferrari could get out of a 5 liter or 6 liter or 7 liter or 8 liter... Yet they choose sub 5 liter engines for their most track focused cars.

I'm curious what your theory is on why Ferrari doesn't use huge engines to develop max power. My guess is that they are trying to be efficient with the power to weight ratio. Sure, Bugatti has their quad turbo W16 monster, but that is not a track focused platform. It is the ultimate GT, which has different priorities over sports cars.