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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
why don't you do a search to see how many cars in the last 50 years have appreciated in value compared to their original MSRP, in inflation-adjusted dollars. i am not talking about cars that have held their value well, i'm talking about cars that you would actually turn a profit on if you bought them new 50 years ago? remember that it has to be adjusted for inflation.

then take out your storage and maintenance expenses, and also think about the fact that if you can find a CD that pays you 3% a year, that $80k will be $350k in 50 years without needing to store a vehicle or take the risk that it depreciates. if you can beat that deal then go for it

For now, the only M3 that is appreciating in value is the E30. I don't recall the production numbers but it was far below the current E9x. Perhaps the only version that would have a chance (25+ years from now) would be the GTS edition. Otherwise I am with the others, if you own it, enjoy it for today. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.