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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
You can add a tuner to your car, although it's slightly more of a pain. You will need a MOST bus extension (route the Fiber to the SDARS unit), the Satellite module, and power/ground and antenna. You can use Power off of pin 17/18 going to the TCU and any of the grounds there.

In terms of software support, the CIC's have it but will require a slight amount of coding to tell the CIC that the tuner is external.

Since your car is prewired, you could run an antenna extension wire from the CIC to the donor SDARS unit in the trunk.

But in all honesty, it's better just getting your internal tuner activated.
It is not pre-wired, Mike... that went away once the built-in tuners showed up. And his MY2012 CIC no longer supports dual Sirius setups even if he tries to retrofit the cabling required. His dealer is simply not reading the last 3 years of BMW documentation.