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Originally Posted by Ka razy View Post
I must be alone judging by previous posts, but I think this looks like a, well... washing machine? LG with a Roundel maybe??? I'd rather walk. This is about as far away from what a manual shifting M dreamer as myself could ever imagine.

Not a BMW I'd look at twice.
:b arf:

Sorry, one more
If you walk around the streets of your average European town, certainly in the UK, the streets are predominantly this type of vehicle. In my town, I'd guess that 60% of all vehicles are small to medium family hatchbacks. Hell, I think I see more F20 1-ers than I do F30 3-ers these days!

At the moment the families with a few extra to spend on a car like this don't have that many choices. The A3 and CT are more akin to the 1-er, the closest thing to this is the A/B from Mercedes, which are quite ugly and FWD.... don't hate the player, hate the game!