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Originally Posted by dmk08 View Post
My 08 has 240E software. Not sure coming with it stock makes it the best version. I think the best version is an E90

There isn't an option for this but I looked into trading my 08 in for a 13 and couldn't justify it. But I'm not really worried about apps, bluetooth audio, and things like that.
Fair deal bro, to each is his own. Only reason I say it's the best version is because it comes with all those things stock from the factory and will hold the highest value later. This is how collectors would see it. Competition package like it or not will count.

E90 is certainly awesome and in retrospect I should of included it in the multiple choice. But similarly with the E90, the last version of that car (2011?) would be the best version due to the way it will hold value later for collectors. 08 with IDRIVE CCC and without updated gadgetry is not an equal car in resale value to the 09-11 models.

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