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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
And we will all walk around with phasers and travel in space ships. In that case the M3 would be worth more money.

I don't think my idea is solely focused on making cash. Its more of a unique history to look back at and enjoy something nostalgic. Certain 69 Mustangs will fetch ~200k because people want to own something unique. Imagine in the future, one of our forum members who once owned and enjoyed a Lime Rock Park Edition of the M3 sees a brand new E92 LRP edition on TV on Barret Jackson and he is filthy rich. I bet he would spend 3 times the sticker to own it again. Especially if all we'll be driving are electric cars with no soul.

I don't think it would cost 20k/year to maintain an enviromentally sound storage unit. I don't know for sure, but I can't be that bad. Build an air tight container, suck out the air and put a plug in the hole simple Or you can buy one of those "as seen on tv" space storage bags and a big vacuum and do it yourself. Heck, even those boat wraps should do the trick. Imagine that M3 in a condom.

Keep 'em coming.
You're also forgetting something. If the car isn't driven a single millimetre in 50 years and just keep it in a shrink wrap then the battery will be drained, the tires will lose air and flat spot and break apart, the gears in the tranny and diff, along with the engine pistons and crank will all dry out of oil and seize into each other, and the car would be an inoperable and undriveable piece of junk.

Why not just store it in one of those heated garages for those 50 years, and take it out for a spin every once in a while just to keep it in working condition? And then see what happens in 50 years. Of course I'll probably be dead by then. so if there was an afterlife and we met there, let me know how it went. And if there wasn't an afterlife, then I guess I wouldn't care about your project because I wouldn't even be existing anymore.