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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
Vacuum storage? And that 20-30k would more likely be an ANNUAL cost! You're talking about some very strict environmental control storage, monitoring air temp, pressure, humidity, oxygen content, etc. That would require a lot of sensors, fans, filters, and computers to monitor that, along with a team of engineers to maintain and fix all the electronic gadgetry. All that because you're gambling on the possibility that in 50 years, some sucker will pay you $10 million for it and you will make a profit?

And how do you know we will even have roads in 50 years? Perhaps then cars will take off vertically and fly to their destination, and asphalt roads would be a thing of the past. In that case your literally "mint condition" M3 would sell cheaper than a can of soda.
And we will all walk around with phasers and travel in space ships. In that case the M3 would be worth more money.

I don't think my idea is solely focused on making cash. Its more of a unique history to look back at and enjoy something nostalgic. Certain 69 Mustangs will fetch ~200k because people want to own something unique. Imagine in the future, one of our forum members who once owned and enjoyed a Lime Rock Park Edition of the M3 sees a brand new E92 LRP edition on TV on Barret Jackson and he is filthy rich. I bet he would spend 3 times the sticker to own it again. Especially if all we'll be driving are electric cars with no soul.

I don't think it would cost 20k/year to maintain an enviromentally sound storage unit. I don't know for sure, but I can't be that bad. Build an air tight container, suck out the air and put a plug in the hole simple Or you can buy one of those "as seen on tv" space storage bags and a big vacuum and do it yourself. Heck, even those boat wraps should do the trick. Imagine that M3 in a condom.

Keep 'em coming.