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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
This thread is not intended to flames or arguments, I'm just throwing out an idea and want to hear your thoughts on this.

Considering the fact that the E92 M3 is the last of its breed (and we talked about this to death) has anyone considered building a time capsule and putting one in there. Here's what I mean:

Barret Jackson is auctioning off cars that are rare and meant something to someone back in the day. In a sense this is "our" muscle car. The demographic of many M3 owners right now are 30+ who enjoy and apreciate the car. In 50 years, you'll all be old (sorry for the punn) and there will not be anymore "muscle cars" made. For many of us, 50 years from now if we have a chance to buy a 2013 E92 M3 win 1.5 miles on the odometer, we will be `very excited`. I bet that in 50 years, the M3 will be worth of equivalent $300,000 right now. Who knows what it might actually be worth in the future due to inflation, blah blah blah.


If someone was to buy and store a E92 M3 (special edition something) in a enviromentally controlled container made of glass, or even in vacuum it would be one hot item on something like the Barret Jackson auction.

The cost involved would be the cost of the M3 - 80k or so, and the cost of the container and enviromental maintainance - maybe 20 - 30k.
Has anyone thought about this
Vacuum storage? And that 20-30k would more likely be an ANNUAL cost! You're talking about some very strict environmental control storage, monitoring air temp, pressure, humidity, oxygen content, etc. That would require a lot of sensors, fans, filters, and computers to monitor that, along with a team of engineers to maintain and fix all the electronic gadgetry. All that because you're gambling on the possibility that in 50 years, some sucker will pay you $10 million for it and you will make a profit?

And how do you know we will even have roads in 50 years? Perhaps then cars will take off vertically and fly to their destination, and asphalt roads would be a thing of the past. In that case your literally "mint condition" M3 would sell cheaper than a can of soda.