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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
LOL..its ALL about bragging rights..dont kid yourself..otherwise we'd all be driving econo shitboxes...I love how you assume because someone buys a super expensive car it must mean they are insecure

They do it because they can..dont hate.
well, i wouldn't say it's all bragging rights. some people who buy exotic sports and supercars actually do drive them and some even take them to the track and enjoy them the way they're supposed to be.

And I'm not talking about super expensive cars per se. Bentley, Rolls, Maybach, etc are all super expensive, but surprisingly practical and useable on a daily basis.

What I am talking about is people who blow millions of dollars (even if that money is pocket change to them) to buy a car with capabilities far beyond anything they will ever use, in fact capabilities so extreme hardly any roads or tracks on the entire planet can accomodate such car. Then those people when they receive their car hardly ever drive it at all, let alone come near that million mph top speed, but instead park it in the garage and leave it unsed for years, all so that they can take a few pics posing with the car when they take delivery of it, just so they can show those pics to their rich friends and brag about how they have a car that *can* do so and so (just like any magazine racer out there). Yes, I believe you have to be really insecure if you go through all that trouble just to get a thumbs up from your rich friend.