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So I tried to place an order today for an M3 coupe

I believe in working with the local companies whenever possible. While I am familiar with the forum sponsors here, I thought that if I could develop a relationship with the CA and by extension the dealership, it could help me going forward. I was up-front stating that I have a good understanding on how the buying process works. Should I decide to lease, I also know how to calculate lease payments and have access to the core information (residual, m.f., acq fee, etc). Simple, I'll treat you (the CA) with professional courtesy and provide me with the same. No games or guesswork. Just provide me with a buy price not including incentives, amount for doc fees and whether I would be paying base on the acquisition fee and money factor (should I lease). Simple or so I thought.

Per the CA's preference, I sent him a spreadsheet with my configuration on a M3 coupe. Essentially loaded with an MSRP of $74,995 and invoice of $69,045. My question, what is my buy price? Response, "MSRP that we get from the build sheet time 93% is your invoice and your price". OK, so therefore you'll sell me the car for $69,745? "Not exactly, 7% is an average mark-up and that is what we use for the price". Further, "Once the order is placed we can show you the invoice we pay and that will be your price". Say what. Why would the numbers change unless the factory puts through an increase which, IMO, is unlikely on a vehicle in the waning months of production. "Well come in and we'll work something out. We want your business". Really?? Well, just give me a real number. It shouldn't require a site visit.

Sorry for the long rant but in my mind this should be simple. Based on a set configuration the values are known. Due to the time-frame (delivery to PCD in May), factory provided incentives and lease programs can not be locked-in. I understand that. It should be today I'll sell you the M3 for X. In addition we charge Y for fees. Any available incentives will be applied to lower X. Simple.

I go through this sales process with the CA knowing that I am buying two vehicles. A M3 for me and X3 for my wife. I sometimes preach to others to remove any emotion out of the process. However, I can see how this can be difficult. End rant.

I know there are good CA's and by extension dealerships out there. From reading the forums, there are good ones associated with this site. I believe that will be my best path forward especially where both vehicles will be via PCD.